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September 27, 2019

6:30-9:30 pm

Green Door Gourmet

Join us at Bacon & Barrel Festival as we celebrate two commonly appreciated southern traditions: hearty food & distilled spirits. We will bring together 15 of Nashville’s best restaurants and a vast array of spirits to savor a weekend of bacon, bbq and all the good things that come from old oak barrels. Enjoy healthy portions of unique and delicious bacon dishes while listening to live music, chatting with distillers, and sipping fine bourbons, whiskeys, and more. 

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Tickets include: 15 whiskey samples, unlimited food samples, live music, a photo booth and more! Full sized beer and cocktails will be available for purchase at the bar.


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These baconnoisseurs will present their best bacon creations!


These distilleries will guide you through tastings of their best barrel-aged spirits.

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Green Door Gourmet
7007 River Road Pike
Nashville, TN 37209



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